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Orleans Branch

Policies and Procedures

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Article    I Name

Article   II Mission

Article  III Membership

Article   IV Officers and Elections

Article    V Duties of Exec Board

Article   VI Meetings

Article  VII Executive Committee

Article VIII Standing Committees

Article   IX Special Committees

Article    X Miscellaneous

Article   XI Parliamentary Authority

Article  XII Amendments


The name of the organization shall be “The Orleans Branch of the Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary" referred to hereafter as the “Branch."  The Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary per se shall be referred to hereafter as the “Auxiliary”.


The mission of the Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary-Orleans Branch shall be to promote and expand Cape Cod Hospital facilities and services to the highest quality through volunteerism and philanthropy.    



Membership in the Branch shall be open to all persons interested in fundraising for Cape Cod Hospital.  Members whose current dues are paid shall be considered members in good standing and shall have the right to vote, to participate in meetings and to hold office.

Section 2: 

Dues must be paid by the September Meeting.

Section 3:

The Branch year will start on October 1st and continue through September 30th to conform with the other Branches.


Section 1: The officers of the Branch shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.
Section 2: The officers of the Branch shall be elected for a term of two years. They are not eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.  This limitation shall not apply to the office of Treasurer.
Section 3: The officers of the Branch shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Branch in June and shall hold office until their successors are elected.  Term of office begins October 1st.
Section 4:   All elections shall be by voice vote.  A single slate shall be presented by the Nominating Committee.  Nominations may be made from the floor but require the consent of the nominee.   Provided there are no nominations from the floor for any office, the Secretary may cast one vote for the slate.
Section 5:  Any vacancies occurring during the year shall be filled by the Chair.


Section 1: Chair: The Chair shall be the Executive Officer of the Branch and shall preside at all meetings of the Branch and the Executive Committee. The Chair shall approve the Chairs of all Branch Committees and all representatives to serve on Committees of the Auxiliary

he Chair is a member ex-officio of all Branch Committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

The Chair is a member of the Governing Board of the Auxiliary and shall present a written report of the Branch at regular meetings of the Auxiliary and at the Annual Meeting of the Auxiliary. The Chair shall report to the Branch any action taken at the Auxiliary meetings.
Section 2:

Vice Chair: The Vice Chair shall perform all the duties of the Chair and exercise all powers during the absence or disability of the Chair. The Vice Chair shall perform such other duties as may be delegated by the Chair. The Vice Chair shall succeed to the Chair upon the expiration of the term of the current Chair.

Section 3:

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all Branch and Executive Committee meetings.

Section 4:

Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall carry on all official correspondence of the Branch and keep a detailed record of such correspondence.

Section 5:  

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall handle all funds of the Branch and, at its discretion, shall distribute same. The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate books of account and shall present financial statements to the monthly meetings of the Branch. A written annual report shall be sent to the Auxiliary Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall pay all bills for the Branch after they have been certified and approved for payment by the Chair and Chair of the Committee incurring the bill.

he Treasurer shall send all reports quarterly and annually to the Auxiliary Treasurer, and send the monies of the Branch to the Auxiliary 60 days after the end of the fundraiser.  The Treasurer shall keep a list of all gifts, date given and the amounts.  Money from the Dollars for Scholars goes to the Friends Account and shall be sent to the Auxiliary Treasurer annually.  The books shall be reviewed by an Auditor employed by the Auxiliary Governing Board. 

The Treasurer of the Holly Berry Bazaar will pay all bills incurred by the Bazaar, then send the remaining funds to the Branch Treasurer no later than 60 days after the end of the event.  The Branch Treasurer will send these monies to the Auxiliary Treasurer.  The Holly Berry Treasurer shall leave a small amount of money in the account to cover any expenses that might occur in the future.

Section 6:

Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall perform all the duties of the Treasurer and exercise all powers during absence or disability of the Treasurer.


Section 1: 

Regular meetings of the Branch shall be held the first Tuesday of the month, September through June.

Section 2:

Special meetings may be called by the Chair. A special meeting must be called by the Corresponding Secretary upon the written request of five active members of the Branch. Notification of a special meeting must state the business to be transacted and no other business may be transacted. 

Section 3:

Committee Chairs may be called upon to report at every Branch monthly meeting.

Section 4:

Forty (40) members shall constitute a quorum of all regular meetings for purposes of voting.


Section 1:  The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Branch and the Chairs of all Standing Committees.
Section 2 Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chair and must be called upon the written request of three members of the Committee.
Section 3: Action taken by the Executive Committee must be reported at the next meeting of the Branch.
Section 4: A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.


Section 1: The Standing Committees are:

Dollars for Scholars









Ways & Means



Section 2:

There shall be at least one (1) member on every Standing Committee.

Section 3:

The Standing Committees may report at all Branch meetings. The Committee Chair shall submit a written annual report. 

Section 4:

Standing Committee Responsibilities   

  1. Dollars for Scholars:  This committee shall arrange for money to be collected at each monthly meeting. Moneys collected shall be sent to the Branch Treasurer who will send it to the Auxiliary Treasurer annually to be put into the Friends of the CCHA Scholarship Fund.

  2. Historian: The Historian shall keep a scrapbook of clippings and other items of interest pertaining to the Branch.

  3. Hospitality Committee: This committee shall provide refreshments for Branch meetings when needed and shall be responsible for all physical arrangements for the meetings. When appropriate, the committee shall assist the Auxiliary with needed forms of hospitality when called to do so.

  4. Membership Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for getting new members, for collecting dues and turning them over to the Treasurer. It shall keep an up-to-date list of the Branch membership and submit a copy of this list to the Auxiliary Recording Secretary at the close of the fiscal year.

  5. Newsletter:  A CCHA – Orleans newsletter shall be published five times each auxiliary year; it shall include a message from the Branch Chair and information concerning Branch activities and members.  The newsletter will be distributed to members via e-mail.  

  6. Nominating Committee: This committee shall prepare and present at the May meeting a single slate of officers. The slate shall be voted on at the Annual Meeting in June. Three (3) members shall serve on the committee for three consecutive one year terms. The term of one member shall expire each year. This committee shall also find Standing Committee Chairs who will then be approved of by the Branch Chair.

  7. Parliamentarian:  The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for providing guidance regarding rules and procedures governing meetings.

  8. Program Committee: This committee shall be in charge of providing Programs and Speakers for the monthly meetings.

  9. Property:  This committee provides storage for items owned by the branch.

  10. Publicity Committee: This committee shall be responsible for all publicity of the Branch and shall further the public relations of the Branch and the Hospital.

  11. Puppets:  This committee makes puppets for special areas of the hospital.

  12.  Ways & Means: This committee shall be responsible for the initiation and execution of all fund-raising activities for the Branch.


Section 1: Special Committees and their Chairs may be appointed by the Branch Chair at any time.   
Section 2: Special Committee Chairs involved with raising or spending money shall make duplicate reports of events within the Branch. These reports shall be given to the Ways & Means Committee Chair and to the Treasurer. All other Chairs will submit a report to the Branch Chair.


Section 1:

The fiscal year of the Branch shall be from October 1 to September 30 of the following year.   

Section 2: The order of business for a general meeting shall be:
  1. Call to order
  2. Reading of Auxiliary Prayer
  3. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Chair's Report
  6. Reports of Standing Committees
  7. Reports of Special Committees
  8. Unfinished Business
  9. New Business
  10. Report of Nominating Committee (when indicated)
  11. Election of Officers (when indicated)
  12. Adjournment
Section 3: Execution of Documents:
  1. All documents made, accepted or executed by the Branch shall be signed by the Chair or her representative.
  2. All checks drawn against the Branch shall be signed by the Treasurer, or in her absence or disability, by the Assistant Treasurer or Chair.


Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised 11th Edition shall govern the Branch. 


These Policies and Procedures may be amended at any meeting of the Branch provided that notice of such change has been given at a previous meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present is required to amend these Policies and Procedures.