Thank you for helping us celebrate 55 years of supporting Cape Cod Hospital.

We thought we’d celebrate our anniversary with a Gala — not your typical Gala though, we’re having a No-Gala Gala!

Instead of shopping for a new outfit and blocking off a night on your busy calendar, make a $55 donation, stay home in your comfy clothes, and know that your tax-deductible donation will support Cancer Services at Cape Cod Hospital.

Your $55 donation to this fundraiser helps us continue to support our community and our Hospital through our current $1M pledge for Cancer Services. Thank you for joining us in celebrating 55 years of service

No-Gala Gala Donation
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Donate $55 or you can modify to an amount of your choice.
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Thank you!

Your tax-deductible donation supports Cancer Services at Cape Cod Hospital.

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